Age 2

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Age 2



  • Interact with your child through talk whenever possible and encourage them to ask and answer questions often.  Research shows that the fewer words a child hears and learns, the more likely they are to experience an achievement gap in school.  Download the App Vroom which will teach you how to turn shared moments into brain building moments.
  • While reading, repeat important words in the book and use it in simple sentences to convey meaning.  Encourage your child to use the words too.
  • Talk with your child about books you read together and teach them to ask questions about a picture, such as “what’s that?”  If your child shows interest in one part of a book, spend time discussing that part.  Comment on your child’s reactions to engage them in conversation.
  • Describe things in the environment and what your child does.  Try asking your child to describe things too.
  • Practice saying rhymes and phrases together.
  • Expose your child to new vocabulary words, whenever possible.
  • Sign up for the text-to-parents program Talking is Teaching: Talk, Read, Sing. (English) (Spanish)  This program sends tips for early language development to parents.



  • Sing songs together and explore musical instruments.
  • Create or re-enact stories.  Find objects from the house to be props.
  • Laugh together at silly stories and rhymes.
  • Point out letters to your child, especially letters in their name or in common words in the environment. 
  • Write your child’s name and common words (dog, cat, mom, dad, etc.) on paper, marker boards or magic boards for them to see.
  • Give your child large crayons, markers, finger paints, and bath tub paints to scribble and draw.
  • Give your child toys to pretend play with, so they can try out different roles. 
  • Take your child to a class at Marbles Kids Museum.

For questions or concerns that you may have about your child’s development or behavior, see Project Enlightenment Parent Resources.

Download the Two Year Old Bookmark – English | Spanish