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To engage and educate our community about the importance of childhood literacy and to increase access to literacy resources and opportunities for all children.


Every child in Wake County will be inspired, equipped, and empowered to read.


  • Literacy is the right of every child.
  • Community collaboration increases access to literacy resources.
  • Every child deserves high quality learning experiences.
  • Literacy is achieved and enjoyed in multifaceted, diverse ways that respect the individual needs of each child.

WAKE Up and Read is united in our belief that literacy is a RIGHT for all, not a privilege for the advantaged.

Our coalition focuses on three areas key to children’s reading success:

School readiness   ●   Learning loss   ●   Attendance

We strive to increase connectivity in our community.

We connect families with resources and programs that support their growing learners. 

As agencies, we work collaboratively to align our services to move the needle on third grade reading proficiency and school success in Wake County.

Together we can ensure that every child is ready to succeed!

Coalition & Leadership

Issues & Impact

Programs & Initiatives

Learn more about what WAKE Up and Read does, including Ready4K, Grab, Go & Read, and Book Drives.